Dimensional Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows (with or without shading): $500

Our Dimensional Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows service involves the use of a tattoo machine to create individual hair strokes, which result in a more natural and dimensional look. For added depth, we may incorporate two similar shades during the process. This technique is used with or without shading to achieve a seamless and realistic appearance.

Powder-fill, Combo or Ombre Brows (with or without front hairstrokes): $500

Our Powder-fill, Combo, or Ombre Brows service offers a more makeup-like appearance, featuring fully shaded eyebrows with the option of front hair strokes. This
technique achieves a seamless and polished look.

Unlike traditional eyebrow tattooing methods, using machine hair strokes, pixels, or shading does not harm the skin or leave any scars. This approach results in fully saturated brows, better retention, less trauma to the skin, and a smoother healing process.


Upper and Lower Eyeliner (Eyeliner/Makeup Look): $500

Upper Eyeliner (only): $350

Lower Eyeliner (only): $350

Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement (Base of lash line only): $500

Upper Lash Enhancement (only): $350

Lower Lash Enhancement (only): $350

Lip Color

Complete Full Lip Color (lip liner with a soft natural or bold color tattooed on entire lip): $700

Lip Blushing (lip liner with pixelated shading throughout rest of lip): $650

Lip Definer (lip liner with edges shaded into natural lip): $525

Lip Liner Only (uses only very natural lip colors): $500

3D Paramedical Areola

Unilateral: $375

Bilateral: $750

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation/Hairline Restoration

Consultation required

Scar Camouflage

Consultation required

Correction Work

Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing Done at Another Facility: $225 per Hour

Our Correction Work service is designed to correct any color or shape issues related to microblading or cosmetic tattooing done at an outside facility. Pricing is per session for the affected area, with a minimum of one hour at $225 per hour. During the consultation, we will assess the correction needed and estimate the number of sessions required to achieve the desired outcome.

COMPLIMENTARY 6-week follow-up appointment

At no additional charge, all our services come with a 6-week follow-up appointment for touch-up and perfection. This appointment ensures that the procedure is refined, and any concerns or changes are addressed. Additionally, our Full Lip Color service includes two follow-up appointments with touch-ups.

Please note that touch-up appointments must be used within 1-2 months after the initial procedure. Once touch-up appointments have been used, please refer to the pricing below for Color Boosts (color refreshing).

Color Boost

After touch-up appointment is utilized: $175 per color boost

For Color Boosts after utilizing the touch-up appointment, the pricing is $175 per appointment. However, if it has been 5 years since the initial procedure, it will be considered a new service and charged accordingly.